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Run Webell: buy cheap jerseys online Quadruple Bath is one of the reasons for choosing to leave the steel man
Beijing March 20th – Ben Roethlisberger is the reason why you are from Grevon-Bell (Le & # 39; VEON BELL) Select the reasons for leaving the Pittsburgh steel man? After joining the New York jet, the running guard opened his words and talked about his predecessor wholesalefreeshipping com quarter.

At recent recently accepted ESPN and “Sports Dictionary” interview, with the front team friend Antonio Brown (Antonio Brown), Bell evaluated his experience in him and Dake.

Bell said that it is a great quarter-off, but he decided to get the ball in the attack of the steel person.

“The team wants to win. Thomin wants to win,” Bell said. “I want to win the ball & mdash; & mdash; but I want to win my own way, this makes it difficult with him. This has won a super bowl of champion, but it is when he is young. Now he wants to Control everything, the team will listen to it. So if I am dissatisfied with a teammate, I will not pass the ball to him & mdash; & mdash; if I don’t give AB, I will always give Zhu Zhu ( – Smith Schith-Schuster or Jesse James (Jesse James) or Vance McDonald or Jess McDonald, you are clear to know you. Let this outer takeover not cool, but you don’t care & mdash; & mdash; it is difficult to win in this way. ”

Bell also said that the existence of large capital is not the only reason why he wants to leave the steel man, but it is indeed one of the factors. However, Bell also admit that if the main steelman gives him a contract including more guarantees, he will be willing to stay in the steel man.

The steel man has never had a lot of winning seasons in the 15 seasons, but they have poor performance in the second half of last season, and they have not entered the playoffs after the end of the four-game defeat.

The previous Brown also expressed its dissatisfaction with Datun. He said in the tweet, there is a “boss mentality” and therefore publicly criticized teammates and coaches. Bell agreed to Brown’s views, thinking that although it is a team leader, but still has a teammate of players rather than team managers.

Many experts and front steel players have questioned the big leadership. But Kevin Colbert, General Manager of Steel Man, has said that it is a leader who is undoubtedly a team.

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